Ultimate Agarwood Incense

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Ultimate Agarwood Incense
  • Ultimate Agarwood Incense
  • Ultimate Agarwood Incense
  • Ultimate Agarwood Incense
100% natural and handcrafted.

Scented only with pure Assam agarwood oil and pure Mysore sandalwood oil.

What happens when you take the finest Assamese agarwood and combine it with a mature Mysore sandalwood? You get the best incense in the world. A true agarwood scent, which is very rare in incense, accompanied by gentle creamy hints of sandalwood. 

Assamese agarwood oil is one of the most ferociously primal scents in nature. Massively animalic, musky and evocative with rich woody notes and humid earthy undertones of the Assamese jungle.This is balanced perfectly with Mysore sandalwood and its resonating woody base notes, subtle earthy tones and deliciously creamy top notes.

Agarwood and sandalwood chips and incense have been burned by monks all across Asia for thousands of years to create a spiritual and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for yoga and meditation.

Size - 8" long sticks, each stick weighs a little over a gram.

Burn time - The increased oil content really slows the burning of these sticks down, so you can now enjoy your favourite scents for longer. The average stick burns for 60 minutes. 

Our newest line, this ultimate incense is made using, almost unbelievably, three times more pure agarwood oil than our absolute variety. We're confident that this is the best agarwood incense in the world. No other incense we've crafted, or experienced, comes this close to the true nature of a scent.

This incense is only made in small batches of 25 sticks at a time, due to the special hand rolling technique and massive expense of pure agarwood oil.

Keep your incense inside its packet until you want to burn it! Some of the oils used may evaporate if left outside the packet for too long. Store out of direct sunlight.


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