All natural incense sticks, frankincense and natural perfume

all-Natural Incense

- Masterfully hand rolled from a traditional Indian incense recipe, our organic incense sticks are scented only with the various resins, flower petals and pure oils of the fragrances and coloured with all natural dyes. 100% free from chemicals and other synthetics, perfect for yoga, meditation and scenting your home.

Organic Frankincense Resin

- Our frankincense resin is traditionally and carefully harvested from the species Boswellia sacra in the Dhofar region of Oman. More powerful and pure burning than incense, our frankincense resin is sweet and ethereal with gentle citrus and hints of crushed pine. Long lasting, potent, first grade frankincense. Sourced exclusively from organically grown trees.

all-natural Perfume

- Traditionally distilled with steam or water in small batches from organic and wild produce, our pure perfume oils are nothing less than the truest representation of natural fragrance. Gentle on the skin, senses and environment, you'll fall in love with our range of the most beautiful and distinctive scents in nature. 100% pure fragrance.

Pure Rose & Patchouli Oil

39.95 / 5ML

Absolute Cedarwood Incense

From 3.95 / 20G

Pure Sandalwood Oil Sample

7.95 / 1ML

Organic Black Frankincense

From 3.95 / 25G

Classic Wild Flowers Incense

From 1.95 / 20G

Absolute Rose Incense

From 3.95 / 20G