Ultimate Incense Sticks

Our newest line of incense, our ultimate range is made using twice (yes twice) the essential oil we use in our absolute recipes. Handcrafted from natural ingredients. A potent world class incense.
Ultimate Agarwood Incense
The finest agarwood and sandalwood come together in this ancient and powerful incense.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10
Ultimate Cardamom & Vanilla Incense
Delicately spicy cardamom and sweet vanilla come together in this warm and exotic fragrance.
£ 7.95 / $ 10.40
Ultimate Cedarwood Incense
A smooth and woody fragrance full of soothing earthy tones and dry hints of cocoa.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10
Ultimate Dark Patchouli Incense
A dark and herbaceous patchouli full of humid earthiness and oriental spice.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10
Ultimate Golden Champaca Incense
An incredibly sweet and floral incense, bursting with creamy exotic florals.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10
Ultimate Lavender Incense
Rich and herbaceous with dusty floral highs. Dry and summery.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10
Ultimate Mysore Sandalwood Incense
Woody and creamy with the oriental spice of a true mature sandalwood.
£ 15.95 / $ 20.87
Ultimate Pine & Cinnamon Incense
A warm and festive fragrance, full of spicy sweet cinnamon.
£ 15.95 / $ 20.87
Ultimate Ylang Ylang Incense
Very sweet, sensual and exotic, full of tropical florals and rich creamy blossoms.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.10

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