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I am delighted with my incense which arrived today. Thank you very much for the free sample sticks, they smell divine! I will definitely be back!
Claire, UK

Thank you, it was very nice to do business with you again. My first perfume order from you was exactly as advertised and has lasted all day. People keep telling me how lovely the scent is, so I had to come back for more. I look forward to receiving my order and ask that you keep me posted on all new oils you produce.
Maureen, UK

Your incense and essential oils are intoxicating and utterly divine. The Musk Amber is a perfect addition to my essential oil collection. It has such rich notes and an unusual depth of aromas. Oh my god, I couldn't stop breathing in the scent after I'd put some on my wrist. I've got quite the collection of essential oils and I'm looking forward to creating some delicious essential oil combinations with it. Thank you so much for carrying such outstanding products. I'm certain you will do very well and you'll have many adoring fans.
Helena, Canada

My golden champa attar arrived today. It has such a unique and sweet scent and I love it! I will certainly order from you again.
Asuka, Japan

Fantastic communication and a very quick service. The incense is lovely and at such a good price! Thank you!!
James, UK

Thank you for the incense which just arrived! They are just as wonderful as I hoped they would be. Thank you again! I know where all my spare cash is going in future :-) Thank you for the discount coupon which I have every intention of using in the near future :-) Thank you also for the free samples!
Bhuvaneshwari, UK

I want to mention that your incense is the best incense I have ever experienced. They are amazing. Not only do they smell divine when they are burning but the scent lingers in the most lovely and beautiful way long after the incense has stopped. Actually, I have not burned one yet today and the room that I had it burning in yesterday smells gorgeous the day after, this is totally amazing. Another wonderful thing is whilst there is charcoal in the blend which is ideal for cleansing a space, there is no charcoal/smoke smell that lingers, only the aroma of the essences used, this, for an aroma therapist with a deep love and appreciation for aroma, is a heavenly delight. Thank you so much for introducing me to this very special temple grade incense!!!
S. Rose (Aromatherapist), USA

Thank you Pure Perfume Oils for your outstanding range of absolute incense. It arrived yesterday and I've been burning it non stop. My family all love it too.
Alex, USA

Very well made, arrived very promptly and smells extremely beautiful and quite potent which is always good with patchouli incense. I'm glad I bought from your shop instead of a mass produced incense as they don't have much of a 'spiritual' effect. I will be sure to order again once I've used all the incense! Thanks!
Craig, UK

You are absolutely right, your website states that your Ultimate Incense Sticks are the best in the world. Yes, I vouch for it.  The Ultimate Sandalwood is amazing, I have never sniffed a Sandalwood incense where you can actually smell the pure oil burning.  Heavenly smell and aroma. 
Sudhir, India

Received my incense sticks this morning - have used a couple and they are absolutely brilliant! They actually beat my favourite sticks by a mile and it took me years to find them! - I have burned hundreds in my time and must have tried most of whats available - obviously been missing out big time - yours are divine! I shall be using my discount (thanks for that) in the next day or two - don't ever want to run out now.
Katie, UK

I must say how much I am enjoying your incense, you're re-awakening my olfactory bulbs!!!! I was in doubt on ordering but when I saw your ultimates I had to surrender. I thought the order was a bit pricey and wasn't sure whether the quality would be quite there. However I am very pleased and worth every penny.
Joseph, UK

I just got my order in the mail yesterday and burnt the rose incense, it was so strong and very pleasant. It burned for a while too. I was in my room and my roommate knocked on my door and asked if I was burning some. It was so strong it made the whole house smell even with my door shut. I will definitely buy more in the future. Thank you kindly for getting them to me as fast as you did.
Patrick, UK

Your incense arrived today and it is magnificent! Probably some of the best incense I have ever smelled. I've been searching for years and only found cheapo mass-produced stuff. I'll now be throwing that junk out! :-)
Michelle, UK

It all arrived perfectly. Yesterday at home I tried the green nag champa and today in the morning the pink sayali incense and they are truly fantastic. The products used are first class and the smells are so refined and you can easily pick up the different scents because of its purity. I am extremely happy and satisfied!
Jose, Mexico


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