Absolute Incense Sticks

Absolute is the term given to our all natural and organic, award winning traditional Indian incense range. It's made using a higher quantity of oils, petals and resins than our classic grade. This gives the incense a richer, deeper and more vibrant fragrance.

This incense is soft and powdery, hand rolled in small batches and scented with only the various organic and natural resins, flower petals and pure oils of the different fragrances. With a noticeable base of vanilla and sandalwood, this is a potent and pure burning incense.

All of our incense sticks weigh about a gram, give or take a tiny bit. The average 20g packet contains 18 - 20 sticks and the average 50g packet contains between 45 and 50 sticks. An average stick burns for 40+ minutes.

Absolute Agarwood & Vanilla Incense
Dark and musky agarwood balanced out with sweet vanilla. A softer agarwood fragrance.

£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Amber Incense
Massively oriental with a gentle but intoxicating sweetness and sultry hints of musk and spice.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Bakula Flower Incense
A heady and exotic floral scent somewhere between magnolias and carnations. Airy and tropical.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Black Agarwood Incense
The finest agarwood and sandalwood come together in this ancient and powerful incense.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Black Frankincense Incense
Ethereal, earthy and sweet with hints of sea air and pepper. A true, potent frankincense.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Black Sandalwood Incense
A spicy, dark and oriental sandalwood full of soothing warmth.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Blue Lotus Incense
Tropically sweet and fruity with soaring floral high notes and hints of creamy vanilla.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Cedarwood Incense
A smooth and woody fragrance full of soothing earthy tones and dry hints of cocoa.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Cinnamon Incense
This fragrance is rich and powerful, full of that soothing and distinctive cinnamon spice.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute French Lavender Incense
Rich and herbaceous with dusty floral highs. Dry and summery.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Green Champa Incense
A dryer champa scent with earthier floral notes and a little sourness.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Indian Flower Incense
Gloriously sweet and  fruity, this incense is scented with the essential oils of 8 exotic Indian flowers.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Jasmine Incense
Impossibly sweet and exotic with sensual overtones and piercing floral top notes.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Madagascan Vanilla Incense
Sweet and soothing with sensually indulgent floral high notes. Very relaxing.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Myrrh Incense
Oriental and earthy with sweet nutty heart notes and a hint of bitterness.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Night Flowers Incense
Scented with night blooming wild flowers, this is a delicately floral incense, full of dusky hints of vanilla.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Parijata Blossom Incense
A sweet, honey-like, tropical bouquet, rich with vibrant floral notes and creaminess.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Patchouli Incense
An exotic, sweet and herbaceous aroma, faint with musky heart notes.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Pink Magnolia Incense
An airy spring fragrance, full of creamy and exotic magnolia.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Pink Sayali Incense
Jasmine and cinnamon berries. Feminine, fruity and airy with sweet candy heart notes.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Red Sandalwood Incense
This incense is earthy, with creamy sandalwood downs and rich, uniquely floral top notes.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Rose & Cedarwood Incense
Sugary pink rose and earthy cedarwood with dry hints of cocoa.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Rose & Patchouli Incense
Sweet and romantic rose with exotically musky patchouli. A sensual and warming combination.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Rose & Saffron Incense
Syrupy sweet rose and dusty saffron come together in this opulent and popular combination.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Rose & Sandalwood Incense
Syrupy sweet rose with a creamy and mature sandalwood base. Opulent, warming and full-bodied. 
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Rose & Vanilla Incense
Sugary sweet rose and boozy vanilla come together in one of our most requested fragrances.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Saffron Incense
Floral, exotic and creamy with dry hunts of sandalwood and vanilla. This incense has some earthy qualities too.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Sandalwood & Lavender Incense
A very soothing combination of mature sandalwood and dry summery lavender.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Sandalwood Incense
A creamy, woody and oriental sandalwood full of soothing warmth.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Tuberose Incense
A uniquely spicy and creamy scent with rich and sweet floral notes.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22
Absolute Wild Flowers Incense
Sweet, enlivening and herbaceous wild flowers with a little citrus.
£ 6.95 / $ 9.18
Absolute Yellow Rose Incense
A delicate and charming sweetness. Distinctively summery.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.22

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