Frankincense Resin

A range of traditionally harvested organic frankincense and myrrh resins. Each bag contains 20g.
Organic Black Frankincense Resin
Sweet and ethereal with rich hints of sea air, pepper and pine.
£ 5.00 / $ 6.46
Organic Green Frankincense Resin
This translucent green resin overflows with fresh hints of lime and menthol.
£ 20.00 / $ 25.83
Organic Mixed Frankincense & Myrrh Resins
A mixture of four different organic resins with rich hints of amber, citrus and pine.
£ 3.95 / $ 5.10
Organic White Frankincense Resin
A light and airy resin, full of fresh and sparkling citrus notes.
£ 5.00 / $ 6.46

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We're dedicated to bringing you handcrafted natural products, made with organic and wild materials, without any synthetic scents, colours or preservatives of any kind.
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