Hina (Shamama) Oil (1ml Sample)

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Hina (Shamama) Oil (1ml Sample)Each glass vial contains 1 milliliter.

Although this is a sample, it contains enough oil for several applications.

Hina, also known as shamama, is a massively popular, luxurious and exotic fragrance from India. 

This special fragrance is floral and uplifting with faint musky top notes that slowly fade into a spicy warmth. Smooth and creamy woody base notes hover in the background as hints of gentle spicy saffron and cardamom give this exotic oil an almost dessert-like sweetness. Profoundly oriental and indulgent.

This fragrance is completely natural and organic. It contains no artificial preservatives, scents or colours. As with all of our oils, we suggest keeping your pure hina oil in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Wild cypress cuttings, wild spikenard, wild cinnamon berries, wild ambrette, organic saffron, organic cardamom, organic vetiver root, pure golden champa oil, pure sandalwood oil, pure patchouli oil.

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