Oil Perfume Samples

Discover your favourite fragrance with our organic oil perfume samples. 

Traditionally distilled with steam or water in small batches from organic and wild produce, our pure perfume oils are nothing less than the truest representation of natural fragrance. Gentle on the skin, senses and environment, you'll fall in love with our range of the most beautiful and distinctive scents in nature. 100% pure fragrance.
Agarwood, Rose & Sandalwood Oil (1ml Sample)
Primal musky agarwood, syrupy sweet rose and deliciously creamy sandalwood.
£ 19.95 / $ 25.27
Golden Champa & Sandalwood Oil (1ml Sample)
Rich and sweet with exotically lush and refreshing floral top notes and a hint of sandalwood.
£ 5.95 / $ 7.54
Hina (Shamama) Oil (1ml Sample)
Floral, uplifting and warm with hints of spicy saffron and cardamom. A dessert-like sweetness.
£ 7.95 / $ 10.07
Jasmine Oil Perfume (1ml Sample)
Sweet, heady and very exotic, with sensual overtones and piercing floral top notes. 
£ 7.95 / $ 10.07
Kadamba & Sandalwood Oil (1ml Sample)
Fresh oriental florals balanced with spicy aged sandalwood. Masculine with a sour hint of green.
£ 7.95 / $ 10.07
Pure Rose & Sandalwood Oil (1ml Sample)
A syrupy sweet rose in a mature and rich sandalwood base. Smooth and well-balanced.
£ 7.95 / $ 10.07
Rose & Patchouli Oil (1ml Sample)
Sweet and romantic rose with exotically musky patchouli. Sensual, warming and well-rounded.
£ 8.95 / $ 11.33

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We're dedicated to bringing you handcrafted natural products, made with organic and wild materials, without any synthetic scents, colours or preservatives of any kind.
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