Organic Agarwood Samples

Organic Assam Agarwood Oil (0.25g Sample)
100% pure, first grade Assam agarwood oil.

Our softest oud. Very woody with hints of crushed foliage and earth after rain. Mellow and playful without the faintest hint of "barnyard". Long lasting and intimate. Stays close to the wearer. A very gentle Assam.
£ 19.95 / $ 28.14
Organic Cambodian Agarwood Oil (0.25g Sample)
100% pure, first grade Cambodian agarwood oil.

A little 'barnyard' at first, this opening quickly gives way to soft leather and sweet agarwood smoke, an aged animalic musk and dark ethereal woods. Primitive and masculine. A warm and potent Cambodi. Long lasting.
£ 19.95 / $ 28.14
Organic Royal Assam Agarwood Oil (0.25g Sample)
100% pure Assam agarwood oil.

Very smokey with an opening of dry tea, incense and tobacco. This slowly gives way to hints of bitter leather before fading into an earthy oriental. A little musky spice on the down. Long lasting and intimate. Stays close to the wearer.
£ 24.95 / $ 35.20
Sample Set - Organic Agarwood Oil Collection (3 x 0.25g Samples)
100% pure agarwood oil.

Our organic agarwood sample set contains our second grade Assam, first grade Assam and first grade Cambodian.
£ 44.95 / $ 63.41

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