Organic Cambodian Agarwood Oil (0.25g Sample)

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Organic Cambodian Agarwood Oil (0.25g Sample)Special offer - Purchase any of our agarwood samples and receive 10% off a 1.25ml or 2.5ml bottle.

Certified 100% pure Cambodian agarwood oil.

Cultivation: Koh Kong, Cambodia
Species: Aquilaria Crassna
Distillation: 02 / 2015

Organic agarwood oil, distilled from naturally infected cultivated trees grown without any pesticides or chemicals.

Each glass vial contains a very carefully weighed out 0.25g of our pure Cambodi agarwood oil. Although this is a sample, it still contains enough oil for several applications.

FragranceA little 'barnyard' at first, this opening quickly gives way to soft leather and sweet agarwood smoke, an aged animalic musk and dark ethereal woods. Primitive and masculine. A warm and potent Cambodi. Long lasting.

As with all of our oils, we suggest keeping your pure Cambodian agarwood oil in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Stored under proper conditions this oil has no expiration period and will actually mature, becoming only more powerful with each passing year.


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