Vanilla Incense

Vanilla incense is sweet and soothing with sensually indulgent floral high notes. The single most popular flavour and fragrance in the world, vanilla is warm and comforting with underlying darker notes that recall faint treacle. Unfortunately, due to the expense of an all-natural vanilla fragrance, a lot of people don't ever get to truly experience just how luxurious and delicate a true organic vanilla scent can actually be.

Our vanilla incense is 100% natural and hand rolled in small batches using only the finest organic ingredients. We don't use machines, just very traditional methods and tools. We gather our incense base ingredients, which are made up primarily of pure charcoal, sandalwood powder and vanilla, along with various resins, and we grind them all up together. When the mixture is the right consistency, we carefully pour in the pure vanilla oil and hand knead it in. Then we take our bamboo sticks and gently roll the mixture around them, finishing off the batch with a gentle dusting of an organic dye for a little colour. We leave it to dry and that's it. A potent and pure burning artisanal fragrance, easy on the senses, your lungs and the environment. 

The Benefits of Vanilla Incense

01  - Despite often being perceived as a plain, boring and safe choice, vanilla is actually the most attractive scent for men and has been linked to heightened levels of arousal and an enhanced libido. This is because it effects our hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls the creation and release of hormones that regulate everything from sleep, appetite and mood to libido. When burned to help set the mood for a romantic evening, the release of the hormone testosterone is stimulated. With lower levels of testosterone linked to lower libidos, a little spike in your production can make all the difference to some people. It also increases blood flow to the sexual organs.

02 - When we're angry, stressed or upset our brains release stress hormones. These hormones cause inflammation which, in turn, causes the release of inflammatory proteins called cytokines. These proteins can greatly impair cognitive function, almost 'clouding' the natural process. This is a major reason why stressed people can perform worse than they would normally. Eating and smelling vanilla has been scientifically proven to naturally reduce and deplete these stress hormones, as well as sooth your nervous system and promote the release of serotonin. A study at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center showed that patients undergoing MRIs who breathed vanilla-scented air reported 63 percent less anxiety than those who breathed unscented air.

03 - Being in the same environment as incense has been linked to heightened creativity. The basis for this is similar to listening to music providing inspiration and motivation. Aromas are also a very powerful emotional memory trigger which can help to stimulate thoughts and creativeness (Collins, 2012). The gentle burning of vanilla incense and candles has been found to greatly increase your natural creativity and focus.

The Legend of Vanilla

Vanilla was first cultivated by the Totonac Indians of Mexico in the early 15th century. According to Totonac mythology, the vanilla plant only came into existence shortly after their ruler, Tenitzli III, and his wife were blessed with a daughter. She was so beautiful that they called her Tzacopontziza, which means morning star. Too perfect for any man, they devoted her life to Tonoacayohua, the Goddess of crops and the harvest. The years went by until she met the young prince Zkatan-Oxga and fell in love. She went to her father to ask for his permission to marry the prince but she was forbidden. With nothing left to do, the two ran away into the forest to be together but were captured shortly after. Their punishment for flouting the sacred order of Tonoacayohua and for disobeying her father was death by beheading. The legend says that from where the lovers blood fell, the first vanilla plants sprouted.

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