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Please ensure you have read our wholesale information before completing our Wholesale Order Form to fully understand our terms of purchase. We would particularly like to emphasise that:
  • We require a minimum order totaling 1kg from within a particular collection, however it is not limited to one fragrance (i.e. 250g of sandalwood incense and 750g of frankincense incense would meet the minimum order requirement).
  • For new customers, full payment is required upon ordering. 
  • Free shipping is available for orders of value greater than £500.
  • Delivery is estimated for 3 - 5 weeks dependent on order size. Please let us know if your order is time sensitive.
  • Prices can be found on the wholesale documentation we sent to you, including packaging prices if applicable
Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding our incense wholesale.

Once your Wholesale Order Form has been received, we shall contact you to provide further details of your order, a shipping price estimate, expected delivery date and finalisation of total payment and payment method. It is only at this stage that your order will be complete.

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