Natural Incense Sticks, Handcrafted From Organic Ingredients

Our natural and organic incense is crafted exclusively from minimally processed natural materials, grown organically whenever possible. It contains absolutely no synthetic materials whatsoever, with no artificial scents, colours or preservatives. It's just good old fashioned natural incense. Incense made in small batches, by hand, how it was done a thousand years ago. We follow a traditional Indian recipe that dates back almost 300 years. 

We offer three different grades of incense, each grade made in small batches. We don't use machines, just a pestle, mortar and ancient South Indian hand rolling techniques.

We start by gathering our base ingredients, which are made up primarily of pure charcoal, sandalwood powder and vanilla, along with various resins. We grind and mix all of these materials together. When the mixture is the right consistency, we carefully pour in the pure essential oils that we use to scent each batch and hand knead it. Then we take our bamboo sticks and gently roll the mixture around them, sometimes finishing off the batch with a gentle dusting of an organic dye for a little colour. The only thing that separates our ranges is the amount of pure essential oil with put in. The more essential oil, the truer, more potent and longer lasting the fragrance.

Our incense is available in over 30 unique and rare scents across all three of our ranges. We have all of the most ancient and sought after fragrances, such as agarwood, jasmine, rose and sandalwood, as well as some lesser known varieties like parijata and kadamba. We're also more than happy to combine any of our scents upon request.

Base Ingredients: Spring water, pure ground charcoal, sandalwood powder (Santalum album), vanilla powder (Vanilla planafolia), gum elemi (Canarium luzonicum), makko powder (Machillus thunbergil), tragacanth gum (Astragalus tragacanthus) gum Arabic (Acacia nilotica), gum opoponax (Opopanax chironium), gum labdanum (Cistus ladaniferus), gum copal (Bursera odorata), mastic (Pistacia lentiscus), gum dammar (Shorea wiesneri), myrrh resin (Commiphora myrrha), frankincense resin (Boswellia sacra).

Classic Incense

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Absolute Incense

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Ultimate Incense

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We're dedicated to bringing you handcrafted natural products, made with organic and wild materials, without any synthetic scents, colours or preservatives of any kind.
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